DAY 25: Black Panther: A Dope Movie With A So-So Villain

I loved the movie. It's awesome to see the first predominately black Marvel cast come to be, and I love the message behind T'Challa's realization about the world and isolating Wakanda. I have to say this though, even as a huge Michael B. fan, Killmonger wasn't some monumental bad guy. I get it, he's a Wakandan prince, but why is he essentially the black panther too? It's like Spiderman and venom, they're completely different, while also similar. Why couldn't he be more like that? It throws me off a little bit that people are begging the question of whether Killmonger or the Joker is the best villain... That's a no-brainer. Heath's Joker will never be beaten. The acting on his part is some of the best and most convincing I've ever witnessed. This isn't to say that Black Panther was any less of a movie. It was, quite frankly, one of my favorites in the Marvel universe so far, and I think it deserves a standing ovation but I strongly dislike all the "this is the best I've ever seen" talk.