Most insurance companies have a habit of trying to draw you in through savings and scares, but State Farm’s network of over 19,000 agents prides itself on finding common ground, cultivating longstanding relationships, and putting real solutions into action.

Following the announcement that CP3 would be heading to the Houston Rockets, we made it our mission to show that everyone, even NBA athletes have a State Farm counterpart who gets them. With one final game changing play, Cliff Paul, CP3’s estranged brother and State Farm agent, assisted Chris with his move, finding, and helping introduce a new Agent for a new city. 

Thus, Cole "Certified State Farm Agent" stepped in. He and Chris’ 6th sense relationship was immediately obvious, and provided proof that you too can find a State Farm agent who genuinely gets you.




Prior to his move, we hopped on eBay to help Chris sell off old keepsakes from his Wake Forest, Clippers, and Cliff years. The campaign raised over 10k in a few days, which was donated to Hurricane Harvey relief.

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