There's an elegance that accompanies the strength of womanhood. Our task was to reach millennial women, powerful and bold. We realized that just like their boots, these ladies take life head on.


Step turns to stride, and stride to sprint.

We move as the world seems to slow.

While all around us, these short glimpses of beauty exist

because we believe there should be more than “just another path.”

We lead by example,

and with that first step into the unknown,

we claim the current day and all those yet to come.

Though your path may be young,

all we see is the journey, and the trials you have overcome to conquer it.

A boundless vision of futures yet to come drives us further.

As foot meets earth, a path finds its roots.

Deeper and deeper they dig,

all the while the decisions of the brave few determine the destiny

of those who dare enter the wild.


                                                                                                                                                  "Tell her she cannot... and she will"


                                                  "'Seasonal' is not in our vocabulary"

                                       "Show her the way... and she will create her own"