PERSONAL PROJECTS: The stuff I do because I like to get my hands dirty.

Doin’ What I Do

I eat, therefore, I am. Interpret that as you wish.

"The tale of 1000 toes"

Sometimes when you love footwear too much, an urge to try a few of your sneaks on just for kicks creeps up on you ever so slightly. Sometimes us sneaker lovers even turn that experience into a gif.



- THIS IS A BRAND CONCEPT I'VE BEEN WORKING ON for a while now, I'm constantly playing around with branding and design.

Athair (pronounced AH-hur) is the Gaelic word for "father," and although the language is considered near-dead, it represents the history of an entire people. THE BELIEF THAT THE TRADITIONS OUR PARENTS PASS DOWN HELP US TO DEVELOP OUR UNIQUE SENSE OF PERCEPTION LIES AT THE FOREFRONT OF the concept. The idea that humanity, although occasionally entranced by dark thought, holds a deeper desire to lend a 'helping hand' to their fellow man, like father to son, is central. In short: our minds are conflicted, there is an internal voice whispering sweet nothings of coercion, but even in intangibility, empathy overpowers and creates action,

Seven Deadly Pins: "Pins for sinners"

- My talented friend Jack Graham and I have been huge fans of the wild character concepting that goes into the show "Rick and Morty" since it first hit TV Screens in 2013. With this and our love of enamel pins in mind, we put our noggins together to bring a pin company to life that showcases our ideas and incorporates our rebellion against the nuns and priests of our past. Thus, Seven Deadly Pins was born. We're working on funding all the concepts we've been compiling and they should hit etsy in the very-near future, so keep your eyes and ears open,

In the meantime check out our initial designs here.


- I've always wondered if rappers would be genius AD writers. After all, being a legendary word-smith is their job anyway.


- Imagine an America ruled by Donald Trump. Now imagine potato's are the only food Americans can buy. I'd imagine this is how we'd sell 'em...

"Young Shits" competition submission



- Sometimes, life's stressful. We all know what it's like to feel powerless against "the struggle," but when life decides to give you shitty lemons, you're better off trading them in for grapes.


- I've been known to do quite a bit of image scribbling. Sometimes even in GIF form.


- In the days since the birth of Hip-Hop, there have been many who believed in the dream that is music. With injustice teeming from the holes in society, young people took things into their own hands, showcasing creative expression and giving a voice to the marginalized. Fighting back, by holding high the power of the voice was, YO! MTV Raps. With the reach of such a massive media platform, YO! MTV Raps had the potential to make massive waves.


- This is a piece my team and I did an absurd amount of driving for. It was a killer way of entering the mind of a rising musician who has now progressed to gain a cult following in the eDM community. 

PS. Teaching yourself how to use a Canon C100 Camera is no easy feat, and neither is convincing starbucks to let you film one of their employees because "he's bound for fame."

Check him out on Soundcloud.


- A short I put into motion with the help of my coworkers, about notebooks, their craft, and a little company called Bull & Stash.

Check them out @