DAY 191: Mangos

Picture this... an island breeze caresses your face, ushering in salty air and the smell of sand. You look up, only to be blinded by the blaring sun. Your gaze turns to the only thing your eyes can commit to, the earth and its infinite mini-rocks, gleaming like diamonds to a jeweler. While the colors around you come back into focus, the echoed sound of a massive wave crashing seems to grab hold of your very being. Your body moves as if acted upon by some unseen force, and you are raised like a puppet between curtains. The ocean begins to draw you in, as you seem to float effortlessly towards the water's edge. Out of nowhere, your little sister appears wide-eyed and full sprint. Before you even have a chance to grasp the moment at hand, your legs buckle. She has engulfed your ankles completely, and your head begins to plummet. Down, down, down. Until, your sweat-laden face becomes one with sand. You have been defeated, and the ocean must be left for another day.