DAY 189: Golden Roses

Shining like the light of the holy grail no monty python, a solid gold rose could hide secrets of the same tier. Have you ever seen one? Doubtful. It sounds like something a stacked out rapper might dawn in their alcove entranceway to woo guests and show that yes, in fact, they do have excessive amounts of money. But this scenario resembles something like a wonky Beauty and The Beast, where the rose, rather than being kept in their mansions highest tower, is displayed to every damn person that walks in the door, consequently putting the owner on blast. Who's to say the rules wouldn't be different with a gold rose? Obviously the petals aren't going to fall off, and the rapper isn't going to transform back into a human, unless of course he's Lil Wayne, and he is in fact a "martian." So, what does this ornately enchanted item even do? My only conclusion would be that it's actually so shiny that when haters are exposed to it at the front door, it actually has some sort of massive blocking power, and turns them away before they even have a chance to enter.