DAY 188: Skirmish

Why start a skirmish? Is it because you're angry? Or maybe you just need to let off a little steam? There are quite a few reasons that people might want to square up and throw those hands like dreidles during hanukkah. For one, its easy to get frustrated with slow walkers. But in many instances those walkers should actually be using walkers, which just makes you a dick for thinking so aggressively. Another reason could lie in your body's inability to regulate temperature. You feel like someone only just getting acclimated to the excessive temperatures of hell and your body rejects itself, causing a hot head as well as a "hot head." Lots of things can piss you off out here in the jungle, but when that type of negativity comes along, no matter how prevalent, swat that shit out of the gym like a team of Zion's battling it out with the freshman squad.