DAY 181: Gum

Problems are like gum. You chew on them and chew on them but they just don't seem to break down. Sometimes they're green, sometimes red, and sometimes white, but no matter their color, they often look inviting. They start out tasting a certain way, but as you chew the shit out of them, their flavor slowly dissipates. They become bland. With ever fleeting flavor comes the realization that this lowly piece of... whatever gum is made of, is just a vessel of deliverance. Deliverance of the fact that you've been chewing on a problem for too long, and rather than sticking it to the underside of a table to be forgotten about and/or scraped and disposed of by high schoolers in detention, you're still chewing. Next time you have a problem, stop chewing and stick it somewhere the world will forget about.