DAY 57: Cheese... Chopped, Please

Why is the chopped cheese a privilege? Because of the simple fact that it is a reflection of the truest New York. I came to this city with hopes of somehow finagling my way into various fine dining establishments, only to come to the realization that people can and do, inflate prices based directly on the number of wealthy people that walk in the door. Although they are held in such high regard, the upscale restaurant market has nothing on the "Bodega," whose name carries consistency across the city. Give them your cold, tired, battle-hardened hands, and they will fill them with finely ground beef inter-chopped with American cheese, seeking refuge atop a heat pressed hero bun. I'm starting to believe that the "Bodega" is a mystical entity, a bit like Dumbledore and Gandalf, who shows up when you need him most.