DAY 53: 2 at a time

Something I've noticed recently that's been perched high atop my throbbing brain is why in the world I take steps 2 at a time. Thinking back, I've been doing it forever, but for what reason? I try to jog my mind for when I took up this habit, and whether or not it affects anything in my life. It must have been waaay back. I'm talking like back when my legs were about half the size of the average man, while some may have called me a gnome (what children should be called). The only conclusion I've arrived at is that I probably started doing it as a way to up my efficiency when traveling place to place. I know what you're thinking, "you were obviously creating a discreet way of toning your ass." Although this would be easy to accept, I can tell you for a fact, my buns need no toning. Which leads me to think that I was just some sort of commuting prodigy who saw solutions in simple actions. Sheesh, I have this feeling that people will start to get ideas about "A Beautiful Mind 2... Steps At A Time."