DAY 38: Gimme dem beans

I like beans, to be honest, but currently, all I can eat is soft foods. Can we just take a moment to recognize the fact that soft foods, although terribly convenient and easily digested, should not be staples in one's diet. It's like "yeah, I'd love the occasional banana, and I fancy me some well steamed sticky rice," but I'm running out of tasty options. I can't eat nanners all day, and soup alone will not sustain a 25-year-old man. I'd love to tell you that being a dude who loves cooking, and food in general, has given me an advanced knowledge of soft foods, but alas, it has not. It's all about flavor in my world. Texture is next, of course, but for fuck sake, I can't even eat meat. If that isn't punishment for every bad thing I've ever done, I don't know what is. Ron Swanson would be greatly dissapointed in me.

p.s. The combination of the words "soft" and "foods" is terrible and makes me feel uneasy, like the mucinex guy is just lurking over there in the corner.