DAY 9: Bird in breast.

What keeps us going when life won't provide the simplest path? Why does the threat of assumption attempt to bring you further away from your goals? Why is it so hard for others to know you like you know yourself? Time tells stories of experience, and because time's hand is such a guiding force, the cynical draw of "wait and see" has no place on the pavement of pursuit. It feels funny when opportunity comes your way, but that urge to let things fall into place creeps in like the draw of drought piercing rainclouds over a rice field. We build this ornate castle to hold our hopes and dreams, constructing each intricate piece with precision. All the while, the throne intercepts the sun, reflecting silver but revealing lead. I propose something different. Something without shape, but of immense substance. An idea of where you want to be, and a desire to better understand that person you have not yet become. 

The idea that someone is "better" leaves a bitter taste, because we know it's impossible. Every maker molds a vision all their own, and to try and assume another is to craft unnatural eyes. To do what you do with a desire for affirmation creates the purest, most potent poison. But set aside that venomous vial, and all that's left is you.