DAY 8: Dear GOD,

I LIKE SCIENCE. And I love that being scientifically aware is becoming more commonplace. This is something we need, and people like Elon Musk and Neil DeGrasse-Tyson are making science relatable and fun. Think about it. Everything that we do, and are, is attributed to science. It's like the longest riddle anyone's ever been asked to solve, and we've really only read about one letter in. There is so much left to discover, and so many minds much greater than my own working on solutions and exploration. Carl Sagan, one of the astrophysicists who pushed for a relatable discussion of science, wrote a book way back when, and my favorite excerpt is called "Pale Blue Dot" which I can only describe as poetry. I'm telling you, read it and your appreciation for what we have here on earth will skyrocket, no pun intended. It's very grounding, but also makes you wonder. There is so much beauty in the unknown, and our reality is so carefully shaped by science it's crazy to come down from our high horse and acknowledge that we are quite literally, just animals being gently swayed by waves of new experience.

I remember in middle school, my science teacher (who was also a doctor and researcher at O.H.S.U.) told me something that has stuck with me all these years. She said, "science and religion work to solve the same problem." this blew my mind, being that it was a catholic school, religion was constantly being shoved down my throat only to cause a feeling of nausea, and ultimately a religious regurgitation that was never as genuine as expected. I thought that was so rad of her to say that, not to mention bold in a school full of nuns and sinners.

There are so many different words for the same "GOD" and this tells me that we as humans are much more connected than we believe ourselves to be. Wars are fought and people are killed over which is the "right" God, but in the end aren't they all getting to the same point. That we were made from "something" not necessarily by "someone."

I think religion is a beautiful thing, but to deny the relevance of scientific discovery would be to do the human race an injustice. Faith, then, is something that transcends a specific religion and moves towards the idea that something greater than our animalistic, albeit advanced to our own knowledge,minds can even perceive. In the end isn't that what science is? a faith in the forces of nature, and a ritual in research. I'm gonna keep thinking on this and get back to you.


That kid in the back of the classroom