Day 4: Super Bowl was cool. Commercials, not so much.

I liked some of them to be honest but where were the Tide pods?? Chris Pratt and Michelob were funny, and so were the Tide ones with stranger things guy (Wieden clearly worked with Tide, right?) but sitting there watching multiple brands painstakingly try to show diversity in their commercials felt so forced. Whatever, I guess. Nick Foles better known as, "Milktoast" and to some, "Warm Milk" had a solid game, the Eagles won, and Will Smith is surely having himself a god damn day today, so at least those are big wins.

I know what you're thinking, "why didn't he write this right after the game?" My rebuttal is that I did, and had I not passed out sitting up, computer open, mouse delicately hovering the "publish" button, The date would have read "February 04, 2018." Put that in your superbowl trophy and drink it!