DAY 21: Heat is definitely hot.

On a day like today, when the Giant flaming orb in the sky clocks in at about 70 degrees down here on our less flaming orb, I'm wondering how exactly mother nature works. It brings to mind a question I've, oddly enough, never asked before. Why is breakfast food so often hot? It seems to be more expensive to get low temp options, and Its mind boggling. On another note, walking around Manhattan sweating your ass off, you might even have a "cold" water shoved in your face, only to realize the water you almost paid 3 dollhairs for is deceptively covered in melted ice. This forces the tongue to salivate and the brain to steam, almost to the point of death by brain-blast. The problem with these underground water dealers is that they do everything in their power to convince Joe Passerby that their water is refreshing. Well, I'm here to tell you it will hurl you into the 7th level of hell. Not only does hot bottled water taste terrible, but its incessant plastic flavor could wake even the deepest of coma victims, and would more than likely cause a world class chess player to forget his next move. What i'm getting at here is that bottled water is everything you should hate about this so called "convenience" factor, and reusable bottles are the bee's knees. Get yourself one, or face the wrath of water peddlers working the corner.