DAY 15: Given the opportunity, I'd choose the latter. Or maybe the ladder.

Man, if I could fly life would be so much easier. No more "ya, of course I want to force my way into this subway car," or "thanks for yelling at me random ground walker." Now that I'm thinking about it, I could pretend that I was actually just really athletic and go to the euro league for hoops. Only thing is I could never go full send on the flight thing or people would call me a poser. It's crazy the number of people who actually think MJ could fly. Shit, maybe he could... He could be the originator of this idea and I'm really not that insane. I mean it's not that unbelievable, right? Dude's got ups, and he did some things people thought to be previously impossible. Until someone does it, it can't happen, but once it's done everyone's like, "ya I always knew it was possible, just wanted to wait until it happened to talk about it." That's a cop-out though, and I don't do those, so I'm gonna openly believe in people flying until it happens. Don't get mad when you see me walking around Brooklyn aggressively yelling "I told you so" at everyone I pass.