DAY 229: Jimothy

Yes this is an odd combination of Timothy and Jim, but what fun would naming be if you couldn’t mix it up a bit. I think if I ever get a dog, I’ll have to consider the name “Jimothy” because of the reaction people will have when they hear it. Or maybe I’ll just name it “Cat” to confuse the shit out of them. Only time will tell..

DAY 224: Blush

I have a few sneakers that are “blush“ and/or “nude” and I love them. Buuut, the real problem with these shades of tan is that they aren’t practical in the winter and fall months. Regardless, I’ll still rock them with confidence, but deep down I’ll be aggressively worried that mud will make its way into their pristine fabrics.

DAY 223: Plush

Imagine if every hard surface in the world felt like a plush toy, while still being structurally sound. That would be quite the phenomenon. Hand rails… soft to the touch. Buildings… like big ol pillows. I feel like people would take more baths if this was the case, but then again, it might feel like seaweed underwater, and that’s just creepy. We may never know, I guess.

DAY 216: Suede

I love suede leather. "Why are you telling me this, TJ?" You might ask. Well, suede is an extremely sensitive material. Its like the solid 24k gold of the cowhide world. Get it too wet and it can tighten and crack. Get it too dirty and cleaning it feels like brain surgery. Just as 24k gold can bend out of shape far easier than other metal blends, Suede can break down with ease. So, look after that leather, and make 100% sure that you know the proper cleaning methods. Cop yourself a suede eraser and a soft brush and take care!

DAY 215: Scoff

I couldn't tell you why, but I feel like "scoffing" at someone is a top-tier insult. There are no words involved, just a whole bunch of shade. Shade that's thrown with the accuracy of a legendary heavy sniper in Fortnite. "Why this analogy?" you might ask. Because a whopping 2% of the world's population plays Fortnite. So there's a strong chance you understand what I'm talking about.

DAY 214: Paint

What ever happened to candy paint? It was like the epitome of "Pimpin'." Maybe throw in a little bit of Xzibit, a popcorn maker on the dash, and an entire entertainment system, including a brand new xbox and surround sound speakers that extend out of the trunk to literally surround you as you stand there ambiguously, into the mix and we're golden. God damn I miss pimp my ride...

DAY 211: M3

It's easy to miss the wind in your hair, loud music, and speed. Separately, they are easily had, but together they are as elusive as an accidental pack of entirely pink Starbursts. Yes, I am, in fact, referring to driving. When you move to NYC and accept car-lessness, these are the thoughts that wander the deep reaches of your mind. One thing's for certain though, I wasn't whipping an M3 back in Portland. Maybe someday.