DAY 110: Humidity

The heat can be really nice when there's a solid breeze flowing, but otherwise it can seriously suck. When you live in NY you pretty much accept the fact that your shirt sticking to you is an everyday summer occurrence, Wish me luck this summer. Oh, and if you need to ask me something, its very likely I'll be in the laundromat expelling the sweat demons from my clothes. 


It's interesting to me how I can get into a routine for so long that I start to hate it. Most people love their routine, but after about 6 months of the same thing, I have to change it up or I start to feel like that part of my life is getting boring. Even down to my coffee and how I prepare it. Used to be iced and prepared the night before, now its hot with a dab of milk. I used to do oatmeal, then it was eggs and hummus toast, now its oatmeal AND eggs. Things change all the time because thats how I keep my perspective ever-changing. 

DAY 106: Yeet

Its funny, when I was 12 if you had asked me what I would do with $4.99, I'd probably tell you Id buy something like 4 candy bars and a YooHoo or a strawberry milk. Nowadays I'd probably just get all excited and immediately yell "San Francisco Sourdough!" Don't get me wrong, candy and flavored milk are still high on my hit list, but have you ever buried your nose in a fluffy white piece of sourdough? It's like crack for food people, or a free ticket to Flavortown, wherever that is. Oh, how things have changed.

DAY 105: Yeet

I cant get that one meme/vine out of my head where all those kids are yelling "Yeet, yeet, Yahhh" as the one kid is dancing and shooting his imaginary "Yahhh" rifle. I don't know why this resonates with me so much, but it does. It's the little things, ya know.

DAY 103: Green

...Thumb. I wish I had one. Honestly, I wish I had a garden to plant some veggies and tend to this summer. I know what you're thinking, "why in the world does this guy want to garden?" Well, it's because I figure, why not be more self-sustainable. Urban farming has been something I've been interested in since the wee days of my Sociology degree in school. Once you take a class like Sociology of Food, then decide to move to NYC, I give you permission to @ me.

DAY 101: Roaches

I'm extremely sad to say that the summer roaches are back. Yes, most people don't speak of roaches because they believe it makes their living space sound dirty. Not only do I agree that it makes your living room sound like a garbage can, but I have to add that your living room is a garbage can. Sorry about it, but thats just the reality of the situation. Accept it and you'll be far better off.

DAY 100: TJ's Koreamerican Bahn Mi

Yes, you read that right. A Korean classic with a little TJ twist. Do i love Bahn Mi? Of course! Who Doesn't?! Experimenting is what its all about, hoening your tongue to understand how much is too much, and where something pairs well is not just a challenge, but a commitment. I committed long ago, and de-committing isnt something I know how to do.

DAY 97: Blam!

About this time every year for the past few, as the sun starts to blare and the socks disappear, rediscovering mac demarco sends me hurdling into my future. The summer just poses so many possibilities, and hopping head first into the waves at rockaway almost becomes a reality. Doing fun things with friends outdoors and exploring happiness therapy with some rays, that's what it's all about.

DAY 96: Jumbled

It's crazy to think about how jumbled dreams can be. To be honest thats the only word I could think of to explain how outrageous our minds can become while we sleep. I've definitely experienced the good, the bad, and the ugly upon sending my dome into any and all pillows. Having a bad enough dream can cause you to feel like absolute shit in the morning, and the good'ns can send you flying "smile first" into the day. It's wild what out brains do when we don't know they're doing it.

DAY 92: Squeegie

I'm not even sure if thats how you spell squeegie. To be honest I think it might be squeegee, but at this moment in time all I can really think about is how much I need one of these bad boys. The world is getting steamy and I need to see through this window!